Let Go. Let Free. Let Off

Dauin Coastline, Negros Oriental (Circa, April 2018)

Build your life on your own grounds. Never anchor it on the promises of others. Never fix it in the shadows of someone else’s hope. This is the only way that you can navigate life at your own pace and negotiate its choices on your own terms.

Many failed not because of their inabilities to master and survive the fiercest routes of life. But because of their decision to ease the pursuit of their dreams when someone promises to build it for them.

Do not let people’s judgment troubles you. At the end of the day, on the best and worst of times, we are responsible for our own lives. It is only the foolish and the most stupid sector of humanity who blame others for the failures of their lives.

Do not waste your time betting for luck on the table of uncertainties. Fail if you must. Cry if you want. Wail if you will. but Never waste your time even on the one you love.

Decide on the mandate of your own moral compass. Let go. Let free. No matter how good it may feel, never hold on to someone who waste your time. No matter how sweet it may sound, never hold on to someone that carries a baggage with them. If you find yourself on the wrong page of someone else’s story, let off.

But fret not for revenge when you are oppressed. Never destroy anyone in public when you can accomplish the same result in private. But kill them with your success, and bury them with your smile.


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