Your Province: Best Places To See

Jun Pasaylo

To make our Summer 2017 trip more exciting, I would like you to name your province and what are the top five things that you can suggest for every traveler.

Less than a week after I made an official announcement for our summer backpacking adventure, I was overwhelmed by the response of my friends, colleagues, and distant relatives. See the attached map? Those are the places and friends that offer welcome invitations!

Perhaps, Summer 2017 would also be the best time compensate my guilt on leaving-without-notice the hobby that erstwhile provided comfort in my sometimes complicated world — solo backpacking and photography.

Thank you so much for continuously fuelling the thrill for this upcoming trip. I’m sure this would be an experience that we will share in our lifetime. Feel free to invite and suggest “things-to-do” so I can add it on my checklist.

But the best of this is not to see another place of adventure, but to take the steps to accomplish what is in my heart. For the real voyage of discovery consists not only in seeking new places but in having new eyes to see beyond landscapes but also on matters of the heart.


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