Setting My Travel Insurance Plan

Considering the unexpected event that may happen along the way, I require myself to have a travel insurance for the entire duration of this mission. Having this kind of policy helps us prepare against the unforeseen incidents that may hamper us from completing the thousand-mile journey from the southernmost island of Tawi-Tawi to the northernmost province Batanes.

Ordinary and over-the-weekend backpacking trips do not necessarily require travel insurance. But in this trip, I will be spending weeks or months on the roads while crisscrossing the 83 provinces in the Philippines. A comprehensive travel insurance is necessary to cover some inconveniences such as medical emergencies, accidents, and baggage losses.

The benefit may vary depending on the provider so it very important to check the coverage when you decide to purchase a policy.  It is important that travel insurance provides medical treatment, hospital income in case of confinement, personal accident coverage, personal liability coverage in case of accidental death, and baggage delay.

It also essential to make sure that the policy also covers compensation on loss of travel documents, trips cancellation and delays, funeral and burial expenses, emergency assistance and other benefits. While we hope for an anxiety-free trip, we cannot discount the possibilities of inconveniences that may happen along the way.

Some of them may cause us to cancel the trip, return home early or force us to seek emergency medical treatment while on the road. For this more than 2-month trip, I preferred the services of Pacific Cross Philippines as my travel insurance provider.  I believed that it has the most comprehensive and reliable insurance services that can be availed anytime and anywhere in the world.

This, so we can travel more and worry less!


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